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Teleflex Rusch MMG H20

Straight Tip Hydrophillic Coated Closed System Urethral Catheter
Manufacturer: Teleflex
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The Rüsch® MMG H2O® Hydrophilic Intermittent Catheter Closed System is designed to promote patient comfort as studies show that using hydrophilic-coated catheters reduces urethral micro trauma.2 The hydrophilic coating, activated by the integrated sterile 0.9% saline pouch, allows the Rüsch® MMG H2O® to glide easily through the urethra. The soft silicone introducer protects the catheter from bacteria residing in the first few centimeters of the urethra, helping to reduce the risk of urinary tract infection.2 The collection bag holds 1300 mL.
The Rüsch® MMG H2O® Catheter Kit contains sterile gloves (not made with natural rubber latex), underpad, antiseptic skin prep, gauze, and refuse bag for convenient disposal.

MPN: 21096140, 21096140-100

Attribute nameAttribute value
HCPC CodeA4353
TipStraight Tip
How to useIntermittent

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