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Urology Pros peer mentoring

Man on a wheelchair

Urology Professionals has created a one-on-one Spinal Cord Injury disability peer mentoring program to help individuals who can benefit talking directly to other disabled mentors. You may have specific questions about daily life activities, such as bowel and bladder, sexual function, driving, transferring, outside activities, or family. We have mentors either male or female who can help with those questions that are better asked directly to someone that is on and has been on your similar journey.

We created our peer mentoring program to be very inclusive. We have peer to peer support for individual’s, friends, caregivers, and family members. No subject is off limits, we want to be part of any conversation that you want to discuss. At Urology Professionals you are family.

Man on a wheelchair

I have had a spinal cord injury since 1982, and have been working in the rehab and urology supply industries for over 35 years. During that time I have led many support groups throughout Southern California.

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Julienne Dallora

A physical disability is a life changing event. For Julienne, like many others, it happened suddenly, and through a rare disease (Transverse Myelitis) she went from an international career as a singer/dancer/actress to a a single mother facing all new mobility and lifestyle challenges almost overnight.

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