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Assistive Technology

Inclusion Technologies - Broadened Horizons

Broadened Horizons focuses exclusively on individuals with limited or no use of their hands and arms. They create integrated, comprehensive solutions custom tailored to your specific needs and preferences. Broadened Horizons has expert consultants and all the latest technologies available to help people with disabilities be independent. 


NaturalPoint's SmartNav 4 is a reliable and accurate, hands-free mouse alternative that allows complete control of a computer by naturally moving the head. 


The Jouse3 is an advanced, joystick-operated tool for people with no hand function to operate a computer. Just move the precision joystick with your mouth, cheek, chin or tongue to control your computer, mobile device, switch-controlled device or AAC system. 

VoiceIR Environmental Control

Voice Control Your World! Independence, security, entertainment, and communications using only your voice for COMPLETE environmental control! Control your lights, thermostat or television. Provides superior voice control and do-it-yourself simplicity. 

Amazon Echo – Alexa

Amazon Echo is a hands-free speaker you control with your voice. Echo connects to the Alexa Voice Service to play music, provide information, switch on the lights, adjust thermostat, or control your TV—all without lifting a finger —instantly. All you have to do is ask. 

iPhone Mount

For high-level quadriplegics, a great way to utilize a smartphone is by mounting the device to your wheelchair or bedside and placing it where you’re capable. Many people who lack mobility in their arms also use a stylus that they bite and use it to interact with the screen. 

Woody Foundation

The Woody Foundation distributes Woody Packs at no cost to those in need, to help those with limited hand function. They create a collection of assistive devices for people with limited hand function to adjust daily life.


Quadtool’s reachers and grabbers are designed to facilitate individuals of different paralysis levels to achieve greater independence. manufactures and offers solutions for the assistive technology/special needs field. This includes tablet holders (great for iPads), head switch mounts, podium style mounts, and more for wheelchair, mobile chair, desk, table, and other applications. 


QuadJoy’s simple Puff & Sip interface provides the same computer access and functionality available to anyone. 

Sesame Enable

Open Sesame was created to offer touch-free control for those who cannot use their hands to access a smartphone or a tablet. Open Sesame is powered by both Voice-Control and ComputerVision technologies. The phone listens for you to say, “OK Google, Open Sesame!” to start. Then the front- facing camera is opened and with advanced Computer Vision algorithms starts following the user’s head with great precision. Small head movements control an on-screen cursor which enables interaction with any app. 

Apple Accessibility

Apple offers a wide range of accessibility features to make the devices easier to read, hear, and work with for people with limitations.

Apple's “Switch Control” is a FREE accessibility feature that allows users with very limited mobility to control their entire iPhone, iPad, or Mac computer in combination with ability switches and other adaptive devices for mobility impairments. With Switch Control users unable to use the touch screen can navigate the device, select any screen item, and even emulate more complex gestures (e.g. dragging, pinching, etc) by simply clicking a button, blowing, blinking or other alternative inputs. 

Funding & Technology Centers 

AT Network

The AT Network is dedicated to expanding the accessibility of tools, resources and technology that help increase independence, improve productivity and enhance the quality of life for Californians.

The Center for Accessible Technology


The Center for Accessible Technology focus is on access to computers and technology for people with disabilities. They offer computer access evaluations and a resource and training center.

The California Department of Rehabilitation (DOR)

The California Department of Rehabilitation (DOR) is an employment and independent living resource for people with disabilities. They provide Assistive Technology (AT) that includes both devices and services. For people with disabilities, assistive technology allows them to live independently and be part of the community. These include:

  • An assistive technology device is any item that directly assists an individual with a disability to increase, maintain, or improve their capabilities.
  • An assistive technology service is any service that directly assists an individual with a disability in the selection, acquisition, or use of an assistive technology device. 

Casa Colina Assistive Technology Center

255 East Bonita Avenue Pomona,CA 91767

909-596-7733 ext.3500

Casa Colina's Technology Center is one of only a few facilities in California to offer such innovative assistive technology in a hospital-based setting. You'll find a highly trained staff of physical, occupational, and speech therapists, some of whom are certified Assistive Technology Practitioners, plus state-of-the-art assistive technology devices, software, and remote-controlled equipment to maximize one's rehabilitation potential and overall quality of life. 

Digital Access Project

The Digital Access Project aims to help those who do not have the digital literacy skills they need to succeed and help them understand the relevance the Internet has in their lives. Whether it’s finding a job, helping their children complete homework for school or accessing ecommerce, electronic medical records and connecting with distant family, it is vital that we encourage every person and persons with a disability to take advantage of the tools they need to succeed.