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Dean Maccabe

Director of Marketing/Urological Supply Specialist

I have had a spinal cord injury since 1982. Having a spinal cord injury opened up a whole new world of wheelchair sports for me. I started out playing wheelchair tennis, some handcycling and road racing before I found my favorite wheelchair sport – wheelchair rugby aka murderball. I’ve been fortunate to travel extensively around the US and abroad on Team USA. During my travels I’ve met all kinds of interesting people. In 2000 I played in the Sydney Paralympics on Team USA where we won the gold medal. It was one of the highlights of my life. After the Paralympics, all of the Team USA Olympian and Paralympian athletes were invited to the White House to meet the President of the United States. Another highlight in my life. I have now retired from wheelchair rugby and enjoy spending time with my wife, son, daughter and dog Cody. Most of our weekends are filled with kids sports and activities which we enjoy. We love to spend time in Hawaii and the national parks.

I’ve been working in the rehab and urology supply industry for over 35 years. I enjoy working with our clients on educating them about the products that are available to them. I strive to make their quality of life better by introducing them to products that will enhance their daily lives. I mentor newly injured patients through Urology Pros and the many Spinal Cord Injury Support Groups and Organizations that I help facilitate in Southern California. My passion is to get newly injured patients back into society and have a fulfilling life again.