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Alicia Lozano

Manager of Marketing and Contracting

Hi, I am Alicia Lozano, I joined Urology Professionals in 01/2021 as the Manager of Marketing and Contracting. I am blessed with the opportunity to make new connections every single day, and to work towards building contracts with multiple provider networks. My heart fills with joy with each newly added provider network, as well as each new contract allows Urology Professionals the opportunity to serve more patients within the communities we serve. Which in turn allows the Urology Professionals team to offer great care and compassion in assisting with your order needs. On a personal note, I am a daughter, a mom, a grandmother, and a wife, who has had to seek assistance in finding the right medical care for my loved ones, and if it were not for people like my team members, I would not have known what to do. Our greatest joy is being able to serve those within our community.

When I am not busy making new connections and serving our patients, I enjoy spending time with my family. Adventuring out to new cities and places is a favorite past time, being able to explore and learn which different cities have to offer is fun.