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Bardia Anti-Reflux Valve Urinary Drain Bag 2000mL

Manufacturer: Bard
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The Bard Bardia Urinary Drainage Bag offers 2000 mL capacity in a Closed System Catheter with anti-reflux valve to prevent urine backflow. The vinyl drain bag is latex-free and is intended for extended care use by patients with urinary incontinence.

MPN: 802001, 802001-20


  • 2000ml drainage bags are sterile with an anti-reflux chamber to prevent urine reflux.
  • Easy-to-drain outlet tube with clamp and tube holder.
  • Hook Hanger / Swivel Hanger.
  • Sample port.
  • Non-latex.
  • Plastic bag, single-use, sterile fluid path.
  • Non-Latex.
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