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Bard Touchless Catheter Kit

Straight Tip Hydrophillic Coated Closed System Urethral Catheter w/ Supplies
Manufacturer: Bard
Price: $3.88 *
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The Bard Touchless Plus Catheter Kit is a unisex closed system that offers a completely touchless catheterization. This may help reduce the risk of infection such as UTIs. Its patented catheter guide allows control of catheter insertion with the touch of a finger, which may be ideal for users with limited hand function. The Bard Touchless Plus Catheter Kit is also available in coudé, red rubber, red rubber coudé, and female.

MPN: 4A5144, 4A5144-50


  • Pre-lubricate vinyl self-contained catheter
  • Insertion tip
  • Catheter control guide allows control of catheter insertion
  • Insertion supplies include two latex-free gloves, three povidone-iodine (PVI) swabs, and underpad
  • Large 1100cc collection bag (which is longer than other closed systems to allow the bag to rest while being filled)
Attribute nameAttribute value
HCPC CodeA4353
TipStraight Tip
How to useIntermittent
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